The sacred place

As I stepped forward, the smell of medlar flower also intensified. That fragrance made me to think about something beautiful. A throwback to better times or better memories.
“Our snake grove”,where unseen forces are at play.Also one of our favourite holiday spot during our school days.As there were so many restrictions near that sacred place ;we escaped from all the eyes of elders and used to play there on our summer vacations.
The strong bond of our childhood friendship grounded there .Isn’t it?
We skipped our schools on the ‘ayilyam’ pooja days only for the special unniyappam and payasam.More than that we get a whole day for gossiping.
Literally i’m smiling now.
The place changed,The walking style changed,the matters changed but we are still same.
These memories are not always be on my mind,but they are forever in my heart.Tucked in the shade of an old medlar tree.

Self love

She was round and brown,
With an inky deep and cold eyes.
Her acne zits resembled
her broken heart.
Always leaves a mark behind it.
Her Hair was untied and frizzy,
that was aimlessly floating
with the draught.
she seldom smiled ,
But that was intented and bright.
I loved the way she uses her smile
to build up her abberant mind.
I admire her.
I’ll tell that I love her
Until I met her next time in the mirror .


He rested on the couch calmly,
And fell in to that beautiful past.
With an open eyes and wandered mind,
He cuddled her memmories
He talked to her by his heart.
The wind carried the magic trail
From there to me.
Suddenly his face appear in my blank mind,
And felt that fondness without vocalizations.
The warmth of his embrace
And all those little precious moments,
Evokes me to smile from coldness.

Yes, i believe in this instantaneous communication.
The communication of two souls.

Story of a witch

Her lusty trudge in to the woods,
Wakes up the entire spot from deep sleep.
The dingy glow from her lantern,
Glorified the deep forest.
The grimming sounds of night birds
Greeted her and,
The orange lilies dropped by themselves
And covered her barefoot.

She suddenly paused there,
With an unnerve face.
Her thoughts went back to that day,
When she striked out the feeling called love.
She was afraid of all the little things,
that shown love towards her.
She threw her lantern and covered her face.
The lady who loves the springtime,
ran into the deep coldness of woods.
– Anjana

Sleep paralysis

I drowned into a pool of water
I tried hardly to get a breath.
All the good memories are flashing
through  my mind in a prompt.
I remembered the happy faces of my loved ones.
Oh! No, I want to live more..
I screamed.
I saw some unknown faces,
who are waiting and inviting me into a new life.
I cursed the moment,when I took
the decision to quit my life.
My breath became so hard and heavy.
I saw a flare hand from the other side,
I tried to touch that heavenly thing.
I felt myself weightless and
walked in that direction.
I just look back, and I saw me in the bed and I’m in a deep sleep.
What, Is that a dream?
I forcefully get back to me and
tried to open my eyes.
Yeahhh! I’m not died yet.
                   – Anjana

Atlast I found you

I walked quietly through the pavements
I felt some silent footsteps behind me,
I stopped there and stared at that.
Oh! You seems more lonely than me.
I smiled and allow her to be with me.
As days passes;I realize that,
She is always with me,
in my good and bad times.
She celebrated my success and
Cried hopelessly in my falls.
One dark night, she suddenly disappeared.
But I know, she will come back –
after getting a ray of light.
I went to my room and
gazed upon the mirror.
She was just behind me and
Exactly look like me.
My SHADOW : I whispered.
                       – Anjana

One Hug is enough

I can sense your digits running through my hair.
And the other arm, rounds my waist tightly.
Your head rested on my shoulder,
And I can feel the hottest drop of tears there.
It melts the volcano inside me,
And all vanished like it never happened…

From, your root

I just take all vitals for you,
from the silt lies on the banks,
for your  sustenance.
You grown, bloomed, set fruits
and became endearing for all.
Your shades, an ease to the heat waves.
You share the berries to the worthy.
And you are ready to give yourself,
to the one be close to you with axes.
Even though they hurt you,
Don’t dwell on it.
As long as I’m here here for you
You will bloom again.
my love towards you is eternal.


I woke up in an instant,
And looked around.
I saw my treasured memories randomly,
Just like a film on the screen.
I scrutinize me,
Yes, that was a cheerful me,
Happy go lucky.
I smiled.
And tried to close my eyes,
The flick hazy waves of toughts,
made me lidless.